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iPhone 5 extreme brightness problem

Hi there! My cousin gave me his iPhone with a broken screen so I took it to the Apple Store in the USA. Then I came back to my country and I found that the iPhone's brightness didn't change at all even disabling the auto brightness, sliding to the left or even deactivating the zoom option. The only way I found to "fix" this problem was with the zoom option applying the low light filter.

How can I fix the original problem? I've searched a lot and can't find the solution yet. It is not a screen problem, it is either a software (iOS 10.3.3) or something about the motherboard (my guesses).

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Maybe the light sensor has some problems, change another on to have a try.

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Sometimes brightness problem (if you excluded the screen factor) may be caused by a faulty filter on the logic board. When you pump the brightness, the Backlight driver IC and Coil act to pump the voltage on the line, thus making the screen brighter. If your screen has the same "mid brightness" even when at maximum manual brightness on the system, the filter maybe close to burning, which causes the voltage to not flow properly, making a "bottlecap" affect, preventing the higher voltages to power the screen. But before fiddling with the logic board, try changing the screen again, because backlight problems tend to be a "0 or 1" problem. It works normally, or dont work at all (on the iphone 5 at least.)

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