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A major redesign of the Apple Pro Keyboard, released in May 2003. Updated in 2005 with USB 2.0.

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Spacebar key not working

I got this A-1048 Keyboard of amazon and i used it for a while but now, I don't know what happened, but my spacebar key isn't working, anybody have any suggestions on how to repair a key that isn't working? Thanks

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try blowing it on the side. The keyboard could have sand or dust that may stuck there.

or, use a thick paper and use it to clean the dust or sand.

good luck!

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I recently bought an Apple A1048 keyboard, and has the same issue. I disassembled the keyboard, cleaned all parts and cleaned with a "contact cleaner" the membrane and still doesn't work.

Do you know what can is happened?

- de

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Very easy to clean out using this method. Also watch out for the long metal bracket under the spacebar coming free from its brackets. Can be reseated to stop the spacebar leaning too much left or right resulting in a no key press.

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