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iPhone 6s stuck on apple logo after battery replacement

Hello, today I faced with a problem I never had before on an iPhone 6s. At first I was changing the lcd and everything was ok. Then my customer asked for a battery replacement for this phone. After installation of a new original battery phone got stuck on Apple logo. I tried to put back the old battery, but it also gets stuck... I am trying iTunes restore with dfu mode, but it shows me error (9). Does anyone got the same problem? Is there a problem in motherboard?

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This worked for me, and thank goodness even though I forgot to backup before replacing the battery, I had a backup on itunes awhile back, so at least I didn't have to start from scratch. So relieved.


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I have had the same issue with error 9 on Iphone 6s and read conflicting information on removing and reprogramming NAND, replacing housing, replacing Tristar, etc... I figured the path of least resistance was to try the U2 replacement and it worked first time.

Hope this helps

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Could the new battery impact, short this U2 chip?


I know the U2 is like the charging chip right? Everything on my phone was working then I replaced the battery with one from iFixit and now it is on the Apple logo forever - could a replacement have damaged that chip? I have no idea what happened and am very frustrated. Thanks


Doubtful the battery was the cause (Can't rule it out) and just a coincidence that something else went wrong. Whether it was a failing Tristar IC, Secondary Eeprom I2C_SEP_TO_EEPROM_SCL, or I2C_SEP_BI_EEPROM_SDA, NAND, or even something as simple as 2 bad batteries or both not charging due to charging port connection or bad port. But could a Bad Battery cause a issue to the Tristar? I don't know the definitive answer but sure someone here does :)


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Get and Android phone next time

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SOLVED. >>>>>>

I had the same problem that my phone was stuck in Battery charging. charged 30 min which should be enough to charge some.

talked to Apple few times.

finally one person from Apple suggested that

“connect iphone to computer then do the apple power on. Do not turn on Itune on computer.

then push power on button (hold on) until apple logo shows up.

it worked.

i dont remember if I had to do volume up/down and power to turn off.

any way, there is way to do it, so many suggestion talks about the battery , but it is simple fix and reset.

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