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iPhone 6s stuck on apple logo after battery replacement

Hello, today I faced with a problem I never had before on an iPhone 6s. At first I was changing the lcd and everything was ok. Then my customer asked for a battery replacement for this phone. After installation of a new original battery phone got stuck on Apple logo. I tried to put back the old battery, but it also gets stuck... I am trying iTunes restore with dfu mode, but it shows me error (9). Does anyone got the same problem? Is there a problem in motherboard?

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I have had the same issue with error 9 on Iphone 6s and read conflicting information on removing and reprogramming NAND, replacing housing, replacing Tristar, etc... I figured the path of least resistance was to try the U2 replacement and it worked first time.

Hope this helps

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Could the new battery impact, short this U2 chip?


I know the U2 is like the charging chip right? Everything on my phone was working then I replaced the battery with one from iFixit and now it is on the Apple logo forever - could a replacement have damaged that chip? I have no idea what happened and am very frustrated. Thanks


Doubtful the battery was the cause (Can't rule it out) and just a coincidence that something else went wrong. Whether it was a failing Tristar IC, Secondary Eeprom I2C_SEP_TO_EEPROM_SCL, or I2C_SEP_BI_EEPROM_SDA, NAND, or even something as simple as 2 bad batteries or both not charging due to charging port connection or bad port. But could a Bad Battery cause a issue to the Tristar? I don't know the definitive answer but sure someone here does :)


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Get and Android phone next time

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