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What happens if my phone gets wet and dried well?

My iPhone 7 fell in the toilet , standing up right and only half of it got wet, till the sim adapter.It doesn’t seem that it got a lot of water inside, Infact LCI didn’t turn red.and was quick to take it out, switched it off, dried and merged it in rice for 24hours.

It’s working perfectly good but do I need to take it to the technician for checking maybe of corrosion? Cos I’m afraid that once it’s checked they won’t fix it again well.

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As @danj suggests, using rice to dry the inside of a phone is little more than a myth and should be avoided at all costs. As for the iPhone 7, it is water resistant but keep in mind that Apple does not warranty it as water resistant. If it is damaged by water, you will pay the full OOW replacement cost. I guess that tells you how much Apple trusts their water resistance.

iFixit famously tested an iPhone 7 in an aquarium and it lasted 8 hours. However, recently there have been similar questions to yours where the phones only took a quick dip in water and still failed. It really depends on the individual phone, the type of water and circumstance. In a perfect world, you should have it decontaminated. Better to spend 30-50$ to be certain everything is clean inside than to have to pay >300$ to replace it in a few months because corrosion was eating away inside.

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As for a water resistant phone, nothing should happen.

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Rice has little effect on drying a phone internally. This is a urban legion, rice will pull moisture out of the air nothing more just like the little packet of Silica you find in electronics.

Even still... Your phone should be fine from its dip as its designed for small mishaps like this!

You may want to wipe it down with a sanitation wipe to kill off what was lurking in the toilet ;-}


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