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Apple anunció el Retina MacBook 2015, modelo A1534, el 9 de marzo de 2015 para su lanzamiento el 10 de abril. Tiene una nueva construcción Unibody e incluye un trackpad, teclado y pantalla Retina actualizados.

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Power on MacBook 12" A1534 without battery

My MacBook doesn't start and shows permanent the red bad battery sign like on an iPhone when there is no power.

This battery sign doesn't let me through any system. No BootDeviceManager, no Reinstall menu, no maintenance menu, No SMC reset, no NVRAM reset,...

Its just turning off after showing the red battery sign.

I would like to know, if I could bridge the battery contacts. So I could use it as a desktop PC and know if the logic board is broken or the battery.

Can someone tell me where I have to connect which kind of power?

What i found out:

  • The big middle contacts seems to be the output pins with 8,59V.
  • The Label on the Battery is telling me that it has 7,56V, which is the battery output?

I would assume that I could bridge the 8,59V pins to the pins on the right side next to the output, but I don't know if this is a good idea and if yes, which contact is plus and which is minus. And what is the single left pin for?

Would be cool if i can start this thing without the battery.

Block Image

Block Image

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Did you get your system wet or spill something into it?

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Hard to tell, a friend was giving me it as he never used it, so i could tinker with it :D. It was stored in the cellar :(. So it was just unused for about two years. I just tried to load the power for a whole day and night but didn't help. Keyboard isn't lighting as well but it seems that this depends on the power as i can't get to the reinstall and maintenance menu. I also tried to reset SMC, NVRAM, already. All i can get is the red battery sign.

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@yuna wait don't try to apply any jumpers or anything right now. You're running risk of destroying your board forever. For proper troubleshooting I suugest you contact people like user @reecee on here and see what he recommends. Trust his guidance on that since he is the expert.

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@danj @reece

Thanks for your help. I got a new situation now as i changed the power adapter to more power.

* battery sign is gone

* Processor starts working as its getting warm

* wired external mouse and external apple keyboard starts reacting (shift light can be triggered and the mouse LEDs are telling me that a computer is connected)

* Resetting PRAM works too according to the mouse LEDs and speakers which are turning on and of as long as i hold the keys.

Something seems to work....

* external HDMI Monitor is not getting any signal

* all internal funktions seems to be broken. No keyboard lights, and the internal display is not even turning on.

* Power Pads are working fine too as i could turn the battery sign on with them under low power.

Since i don't trust the internal stuff, i would like to set the default screen output to the external display. Is this somehow possible without seeing anything? Are there Pins on the board or Trigger on the macbook or shortcuts to pretend that the display is closed. I get the feeling that the board is broken but would like to produce at least something on the screen which is telling me that :D

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@yuna this model will flash the battery symbol briefly, then boot once the charger is plugged in, even with the battery disconnected. If this is not booting with the battery disconnected, you have a logic board issue. If it is not booting with the battery connected (but is fine while disconnected) and you are using a genuine charger and have left it on charge for at least a couple of hours, you have a battery issue.

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@yuna definitely do not bridge the battery or anything in this area, it will work fine with no battery connected and a genuine charger plugged in to prompt boot

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As I said, the battery is disconnected as it’s not working with battery. It’s not starting with the original charger.

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It will be a logic board related issue then; grab a schematic and measure SYS_DETECT_L, check DC in voltage along with U7100 and the area around this. Check the board for liquid damage too, and clean if any is found using 95%+ isopropyl

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@reece many thanks for your help! but i am out :( this goes too technically now... i don't know where SYS_DETECT_L and U7100 is. i will clean the whole board :D I also didn't find where we could write us a personal message... I still would like to test the board while using an different input than the battery. just need to know where i can connect which kind of power to. otherwise i was thinking about a higher apple power adapter but i can only buy it in the next month cause of insufficient money :D is there any manual to read for technical details of apples logic boards??

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@yuna don't try a higher power adaptor or using a substitute for the battery; as I have said this should power on fine with no battery disconnected, so this will not help. You have a logic board issue, using a higher power adapter or injecting battery voltage will not help.

There are no manuals, just schematics. Your board will likely be 820-00045; Google to find schematics, but you need to be able to understand them to solve your problem. They do not list issues with solutions, they detail the components which make up different circuits.

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Before you go down this path lets see if we can get your system going. I find it hard to believe your battery has died this soon.

I'm assuming you can get the system to run with the power adapter plugged in if that is the case you should see a charging symbol. If not you either have a bad charger, USB-C cord or the outlet on your system has failed. You'll need to start with testing with new (good known) units. If the outlet is bad here is the IFIXIT guide to replace it: Retina MacBook 2015 USB-C Port Replacement. Apple won't admit it but having only one USB-C port on this model was a bad idea. I've seen three systems with bad ports now.

Lets say you can get the system to run then we need to first check the battery to see what it is telling us. Download this gem of an app: CoconutBattery paste a screenshot of the full main screen so we can see what it tells us.

In the meantime lets see if giving the system a SMC reset helps things. Here is the Apple T/N on how to do it: Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the better!

As to your questions on rigging your systems power system. Not so simple! Apple uses a feedback circuit which is what the small three contacts are for. You can't plug in a different power source internally. You're stuck in using an Apple battery here.

Update (10/07/2017)

At this point I think you'll need to visit an Apple Store or authorized Apple service center to see if they can help you isolate the problem. They will have a good working charger and cord. At worse the system may need a new battery as sitting unused for such a long duration could explain why the battery is dead.

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I can't reach anything from the system. I would be happy if i can get over the red battery sign. And i already bought an original USB-C cable + power adapter. USB-C port seems to work, as HDMI on my adapter outputs the battery as well when i connect it.

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The fact you can output a video signal doesn't help tell us if the power connectors power pins are good (still a good sign).

For the sake of argument lets say the connector is good then that leaves the battery, and I I stated a system that was packed up for a few years could explain why the battery is not working.

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