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This is the upgraded version to the P75-A7200, with the only difference being a pre-installed 8.1 OS from windows on the newer device, rather than 8.0.

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Laptop will not power on

Hi everyone.

Charging light does not Illuminate when power supply plugged in.

Battery is fine

Power supply is fine

Battery terminals inside case read inconsistently with a multimeter with battery removed and power supply plugged in. Is this normal?

Cleared on board power through long press power button and removing/reinstalling CMOS battery. No change.

I would like to take a crack at replacing power port and/or motherboard before disposing of the laptop. I feel confident I can do this.

Does anyone know where to source parts such as motherboards and power port for these laptops?

Thank you in advance to all the experts out there!


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Little late, but best is to just contact Toshiba. Just give them your model number/service tag and ask what the part number is. While you're still talking to their chat, do a quick Google. Ask how much they charge for it, and compare some prices.

Found this online, but make sure it's the right part.

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