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Repair and disassembly guides for Dell printers.

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What is error 009-654 on dell printer c1660

hi my dell lazer printer has a error 009-654 contact custom support?

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I had this error on my Dell C1760nw, i had been trying to fix why it was printing light grey instead of black and after cleaning sensors in back and reseating toners and updating firmware and uninstalling etc i got fed up and used the old faithful. Tipped it on its side so the toners were at the top the picked it up about 2 inches and dropped it a couple of times, turned it on it made a lot of grumbling noise but you know what it cleared the error code and made it print in black again

might sound daft but i think there was a blockage and it cleared it

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WOW! THIS WORKED. I spent 90 minutes researching and trying everything else. cleaned sensors, removed wheel assembly. nothing worked. Picking it up and dropping it on it's side with toner up 3-4 times did the trick. It is 6 years old and was making annoying sounds BEFORE dropping it. Those noises have also gone away. Works like new. Give this man a prize!

- de

I was just about ready to throw this POS Dell C1760nw out the window, when I came across the solution above! The solution worked! And it was so satisfying to lift up the source of so many hours of frustration and let it fall 3 inches to the concrete floor... Thank you Phil M!!!

- de

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@karen1239 first turn the printer off and back on. If it still shows the error code reset entire four toner cartridges and then check if the code returns but turning the printer off and on again. If it still returns remove and reset the Belt Unit / Transfer Belt. Sometimes replacing the ink cartridges itself will resolve this error.

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Can't thank you enough. It worked!!

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YMCK Toner Low Density erreur 009-654/093-919/093-920/093-921/093-922:

—> use Clean Developer (Nettoyage du développeur)

—-> and/or Change cartridge’s chip (9$ = 5chips x 4colors - aliexpress )

—--> and/or Change toner

——-> and/or change all cartridge


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