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Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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No backlight after repair - iPhone 6

I have an iPhone 6 come in that was liquid damaged, no backlight at all. All filters were fine but the FPC was black on the pins. Removed and replaced after reviving the pads. I get half backlight on the right hand side.

All filters have continuity and all pins have continuity to the filters. I have replaced all caps and filters, replaced the driver, the diode and the coil. I have reballed the driver from boards that had other problems and even the pins under the driver had continuity to the filters.

I found a tutorial here, could it be the issue: [Removed as spam]

What's you experience?

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Just so I know, did you decontaminate the logic board first, otherwise you could be faced with latent issues down the road?

Now, you have changed just about everything. Did you also test the cathode filters? the only thing I can see is that you didn't use a new backlight IC; perhaps that is the problem. Were the other parts you replaced new or used?

Take a step back and probe the diode in situ. Check the caps and the rails for shorts. Check the voltage levels at the coil and filters. There's not much to this circuit, it is essentially on a boost converter.

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@mrfixit1978, Did you power off the phone and/or disconnect the battery before disconnecting or reconnecting? Did you make sure to keep track of and put the screws back in their same hole they came out of? It does sound like you damaged the Back light circuit and not a "Fried" Logic Board. You will need to have Micro Soldering done to either replace the Filter(s), or possible the Driver, Diode and Coil.

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Thanks for the reply.................i can solder - but not micro solder. Is there anyway to just buy a replacement backlight? or is what you are saying is the only was is to micro solder? THANKS


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I replaced by speaker - powered up while not fully reassembled, everything worked great.

I then unhooked the cables, and hooked them back up to make sure they were affixed well, reinstalled all the screws and metal plates, boom - no back light.

I can see the screen when I hold a flashlight to it.

Please tell me getting a new backlight or backlight/digitzer combo will do the trick?

Its not a fried motherboard is it?

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