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También conocido como Samsung on5 (2016) con el número de modelo G-570. Un cuerpo metálico delgado con vidrio Corning Gorilla y chipset cuádruple exynos 7570.

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My back key isnt working

My back key and recent keys arent working

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For the majority of people that own a Galaxy J5, the Touch Key is not broken and is actually working. The reason that these buttons are not working, is because there just disabled and turned OFF. Samsung has a default settings that has these keys turned OFF because the Galaxy J5 is in energy saving mode. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to turn on the Touch Key lights on the Samsung Galaxy J5.

How to fix Touch Key light not working:

Turn on the Galaxy J5

Open the Menu page

Go to Settings

Select on “Quick Settings”

Select on “Power Saving”

Go to “Power Saving Mode”

Then go to “Restrict Performance”

Uncheck the box next to “Turn off touch key light”

if this does not fix the issue, the charging port must be changed due to these buttons are part of that assembly

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The “Restrict Performance” and “Turn off touch key light” options are not available in the nougat update.

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I got water on my phone, then my phone was dodgy for a few days until I dried it out but my home button never worked again? How do I fix this please?

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I think i dropped my phone a few times, bout it didnt stop working right off the bat. But now it is?? I have a samsung j3 emerge

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I have the same problem I dropped it in water then immidetly dried it then the open apps button and the go back button stopped working how can i fix this some one please help

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Very Helpful , Thank You .

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i have a Samsung galaxy j5 pro and the soft key lights not showing

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