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Dispositivo disponible en tiendas desde el 22 de septiembre de 2017. Modelos: A1863, A1905. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Colores - oro, plata o gris espacial.

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iPhone 8 A11 Bionic Chip

Are there 'knock-off' after market A11 Bionic Chips manufactured that are not licensed by Apple? Is the Apple P/N 339S00434 on the official chip? Who is the manufacturer licensed by Apple?

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The A11 is a state of the art, just released SoC. I thought I had read that it has >4B transistors. I highly doubt that there is anything available anywhere (just for kicks, I checked Aliexpress). You do realize that all recent Apple SoC are paired with other major components on the logic board, such as the NAND, BaseBand etc. That means even if you did find a knock-off, it wouldn't work on any iPhone logic board.

Perhaps you can explain why this is of interest, there might be some other help we can offer.

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Thank you. For explanation, please see response to Dan. I have since wondered if the diagnosis was accurate, correct replacement used and if I was penny wise and pound foolish for choice of repair selection. I do not believe I will ever experience another chip issue - IF that was the real problem. Also curious who manufactures this chip forApple.

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It's pretty rare that you have to change the CPU. Perhaps more importantly is that you can't change "just" the CPU. It is tied, via an embedded serial number, to the NAND, Baseband, EEPROM and Touch ID. So if you want or need to change anyone of those, you have to change all of them from a working, non-iCloud locked phone. That would be an expensive and major repair that few people can do, at least in NA. You either misunderstood or you were taken for a ride.

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Apple has not licensed the manufacturing of any of their SoC chips for use in other phones or devices.

You are aware this chip and all of the other Apple SoC chips are very complex and I doubt there is any one willing to challenge Apple in stealing the design.

If caught I'm sure Apple will throw the book at you legally!

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Thanks, am aware that Apple's SoC chip is not licensed for non Apple devices. I ask because I had a iPhone 6, that a local iPhone Doc said the chip needed replacement. Had it replaced and after about two months of sporadic service it 'died', no satisfaction from the iPhone Doc, Discarded the phone and learned a expensive lesson.


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Ah! Thats a bit different. What they did was either swapped out the complete logic board (better) or the took a chip from a parts phone and used it on your phone (much more complex to do, but cheaper).

Your symptom here (sporadic service) implies they did something else than replace the SoC. More likely the radio chip or other RF part.

Depending on what happened to your phone (did you get it wet) something else could have failed. I would have brought the phone back to the person who repaired it and get if serviced under their warranty that is if it was still covered.

Why are you asking about the latest SoS here?? We appear to be all over the place now.

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