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Soldering to USB +5V

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So i have that Ali express LED Lamp projector, it has in build speakers and a LCD image unit that displays in 800x600. I thought i would be nice to upgrade it with a raspberry pi 0 that i got for birthsday. Just to play around with emulators.

I want the Pi to sit inside the projector, there is even some room left for it, i would take the HDMI cable outside just like this guy did:

And use the 5V pin of the USB (inside the projector) port to the PI

Block Image

Block Image

My simple question is:

Will the USB port from the projector still work (for USB sticks) when the raspberry is powered by it?

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Thank you!

Didn't thought about the heat. And there's really not much free space left for proper ventilation with the Pi inside.

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I wouldn't use it. The RPi 0 requires a minimum of 2.0Ah. It's had to imagine that the projector outputs more than 500mah. It'd probably run, but not very well. And certainly not when a USB flash drive is in use. You should use a separate power supply.

Last thing, if the projector is even slightly hot it will probably overheat the RPi.

Hope this helps!

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