Telstra Frontier 4G (ZTE T81) Smartphone. Sold locked to Telstra from 2012.

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Battery charging problem with new battery

Recently bought a new battery for my T81. When plugged in to charger the indication on screen is "Not charging" regardless of battery level. Phone will charge when off. Phone will also start to charge for some time after a reboot. Some 12 hours later the problem recurs. The original battery charges OK but will not hold charge. I assume the original battery is at the end of its life (approx 5-6 years).

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@alcrun8 could be a bad battery so I would change it once more. If that still does not help you want to check your charger, your charging cable as well as the charging port. Make sure that there are no broken, bend or corroded pins and that there is no debris in that. Use a few puffs of compressed air to clean it. Anything after that will require you to disassemble your phone and check the components on the board etc. Problem with that is that ZTE does not offer their schematics to service manuals to the public. So you may have to find someone that specialized on ZTE phone board repair.

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