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Modelos del Unibody MacBook Pro con pantallas de 13" fabricadas desde el 2009 al 2012.

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What is the foam/cushion on the uppercase?

Hey everyone,

I'm currently cleaning a uppercase of my old macbook pro but there is a part that I cannot identify or give a name to. It is the series of foam that line the internal part of the upper chassis where the monitor connects to it. I'm guessing it is some sort of cushion for the monitor hinge but I've been searching all over the internet to find the name for what this part may be or if there are any replacements. The closest I've found to the material is iPhone 7 Lightning Port Connector Foam Pad: iPhone 7 Lightning Port Connector Foam Pads I've been looking for something so I can replace the ones I have because they are starting to tear. Any pointers or directions would be helpful! Thankful!

Update (09/14/2017)

Looks like it is an anti-static conductive foam that they use, density and thickness is unknown.

Imagen de iPhone 7 Lightning Port Connector Foam Pads


iPhone 7 Lightning Port Connector Foam Pads


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Please tell us your exact model so I can be sure of what it is instead of guessing.

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A1278 is my model #

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@thi - Take a ruler to measure the size you have and contact the company I listed below to order a roll. Hint if you ask for a small sample they may send you a bit which meets your need.

FYI - While it is conductive its not designed for Electro Static Discharge (ESD) its designed for Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) & Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) which uses the same material.

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@danj Thank you so much for your help and response. It seems using that company is my only solution. I'll be contacting them soon. Hopefully they are okay with selling a small amount. I'll be making a note in the guides about what the foam is.

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I made a comment in the guide for you. Here's what I wrote:

The silver foam pads are called EMI gaskets. They are used to extend the EMI shielding across a gap between two other conductive surfaces or to lessen the leakage of EMI noise outwards.

Here's one source: 5770 series Conductive EMI Foam

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