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Golf Cart appears dead

Cart ran fine when put on charger. Checked a couple days later. charger still hooked up but not running and batteries appear dead. no headlights or any power.This cart has six 8 volt batteries so cannot charge batteries individually with 6 or 12 volt charger. This is a 2004 club car 48 volt . any idea what went wrong or how to fix the problem? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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@garrymoore the reasonable way here would be that you check the batteries first. It's a pita but I would suggest that you check those separately. Right now it is difficult to troubleshoot since you do not have a known-good point of reference. These are lead-acid batteries. so you can check the individual cells for failure. Post a picture of your battery so we can see what the tops look like and can assist you with the checking of the battery. After that check the wiring to the controller etc.

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Let us know what you find.

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