How to unjam paper?

Hi, My Canon Imageclass MF216n printer (laser/copier/fax model) is jammed. The paper printed out with a rip on it and the rest of the ripped portion became jammed inside. After opening the machine and lifting out the toner cartridge, I was able to pull some of that piece out but there's still a portion left. It's underneath the roller area/where it starts to feed into the roller. I tried tweezers to pull it out but since it's not fully through yet where it reaches the roller, there's not much access to it. I've tried to highlight the problem in the photos below (On the zoomed in 2nd photo, A is where the ripped edge of the paper is under the roller, and it continues under the metal area of B). Any advice on how to get to it? Really tight on money right now to replace the printer and am out of warranty year later. Many thanks in advance!

Block Image

Block Image

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Try removing the rubber surround from that paper feed roller. That may give you enough room to use your tweezers or a small pair of pliers to get the rest of the paper. The rubber usually stretches and comes off. Don't cut it. While it's out you can even clean it with mild rubbing alcohol so it picks up paper better.

Good luck!

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