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Versión GSM de la cuarta generación de iPad lanzada el 2 de noviembre de 2012. Número de modelo A1459 / 16, 32 o 64 GB

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iPad has very thin "cracks" along the edge of the LCD...but not really

This iPad has a dead zone on the left edge of the digitizer, about 5 mm from the edge. I proceeded to do a standard digitizer repair but when I opened it up, I noticed these very small and thin (hairline) "cracks" along the edge of the LCD. You don't really notice them with digitizer in place because it obscures the black edge trim so there is only 1-2 mm of these cracks available for view and the screen is usually cruddy with fingerprint smudges.

I looked under the microscope and very gently probed the cracks. They don't appear to interfere with the actual display and they seem to be more of a gap in the protective film of the LCD than anything else (on the underside of the film). Otherwise, the digitizer and the LCD are not damaged. The LCD displays perfectly, even under the "cracks". This device was repaired before (cracked digi) but was working perfectly for the last year.

My concern is that these will spread to the point of nuisance or worse. If that happens sooner than later, I want the customer to understand the risks before spending more money on this device.

Coincidentally, this is the same edge that has the digitizer dead zone. Has anyone seen this before and any ideas on what could have caused it?

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Be sure to show these pictures to the customer in case it gets worst (they may admit at this time that it was dropped on that edge.

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@mayer yeah, good point. I document these things in my ticket system and the customer has access via a customer portal. Sometimes it's a pain to take all these pictures but when you need them , you wished you'd had taken more :>).

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ever see anything like this @theimedic, @benjamen50 ?

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That is super weird. I mean pressure could be one thing. Temperature? Going from extremes. We live in harsh climates, and I like the heat in my home to be around 75-80 degrees

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We have not seen this before on the LCD. I assume the person who replaced the digitizer before probably damaged the LCD in process and replaced it and maybe it was a manufacturing defect? I don't think it will spread.

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Thanks. I am the one who replaced it a year ago so I can say with certainty that the LCD was not damaged nor replaced. What is it they say about assumptions? :>)

The customer did drop it a few times since then; I had to replace the screen protector 3 months ago and the corners that I repaired originally are damaged again. That stuff doesn't bother me, these things happen and it's what keeps us in business. I just want to avoid incurring costs for the customer if this is something that is likely to get worse. I had never seen this before either.

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Oh wow, my PS Vita has the exact same problem (a small, barely visible crack in the LCD) and I literally dropped it once in the 3 years since I own it. Works just fine, you wouldn't know it's there. My crack didn't, however, get worse over time, but at the same time I was over-protective with it....

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Seriously @zenfefe advertising yourself like that?

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You need to get this person a bullet proof case..

Impact free fall to dent, has to be absorbed by

Its main support structure,, the screen.

Let alone the freefall's not denting the case frame.

Maybe Velcro device inside briefcase is their only hope.

Good Luck Captain

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Thanks for the answer but that wasn't really what I was looking for.

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