Ice is not dropping into receptical

Any other ideas around this? Bought a house with a 2012 samsung refrigerator and all of a sudden the ice stopped dropping. I have tried the re-set multiple times and it doesn't seem to be working. It looks as though ice is being made but isn't dropping into the bucket. Since we weren't the ones who bought the fridge, I don't think I am able to have a service technician come out to look

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Does the maker have a sensor arm that detects when it's full and is it in the up position? If so, gently push the arm drop to release it from the off position.

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KristenGallagher, You reset it by unplugging the refrigerator for at least a 20 seconds then plugged it back in, correct?

Is there ice in the ice maker tray waiting to be dumped? Or is the ice maker tray empty?

If empty be sure the water is on. A dirty water filter can get clogged and not be able to fill the the tray. If your unit isn't cool enouh the sensors on the ice maker won't let it advance. You should be able to see a "test switch/button" on the ice maker. Hold it for 10 seconds and it should complete a test. It will cycle around, dump ice, cycle to the fill and cycle around and stop-all in a few seconds. If you hold the test button down for 10 seconds and nothing happens, you'll probably need a new ice maker.

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