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The Astro A40 TR Headset is an audio device released in August 2015, identified by model number 3AS48-XOU9N-601

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Static head phone Plz help

Ok so it was one day where I just got the headphones and it started making a noise like tv static sound when they're is nothing on it and when I start moving the joystick to move it starts doing popping noises when a noise appears I been frustrated because I just got this a month ago and it's already doing that plz help.

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Lots of times static can be produced from headphones when there is a poor connection. Check to make sure that your cord isn't damaged and is plugged in all the way. Or in the case or wireless headphones, that you're close to your source. Also make sure that you don't have issues with the microphone if there is one attached.

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Didn't work still my wires are fine


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