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The Astro A40 TR Headset is an audio device released in August 2015, identified by model number 3AS48-XOU9N-601

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Headset chat issue noises

Short story.. the headset after seven days brand new started making buzzing noises when comes to using chat but when mute nothing happens some sort issue when with headset piece it self mixamp seemed to work as I used old astros on new headset mixamp pro tr and no buzzin noises any way pisible to fix or wats need to be replace help pls... :(

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(The reason it's not heard through your headset or if you was to connect your headset to the stream)

I see what trying to say but I can hear the sound in new astro headset but when plug in old Gray astros headset There is no noise its seems bit weird. But if there is video that shows the problem and fix works il go foe it but if not then rip.


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Seven days? Either return for exchange or try this

So there isn't actually anything wrong with your MixAmp Pro TR and this problem doesn't affect majority of users although we do see it. What causes the problem can be many things but it's generally a ground loop problem because your MixAmp Pro TR is being powered by a separate source other than your PC and this causes a buzzing to be heard. The reason it's not heard through your headset or if you was to connect your headset to the stream port is because the headset isn't self powered and doesn't have a separate ground. There are a few ways to remove it such as placing a 3.5mm Ground Loop Isolator in between your stream output and the 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable or using a cable that spoonhandle manufacturers.

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