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La segunda generación de PlayStation Vita, la serie PCH-2000, se conoce comúnmente como PS Vita Slim o PS Vita 2000. Anunciada en Japón en el otoño de 2013 y lanzada en Norteamérica en mayo de 2014.

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How do I get a New HDD for my PS Vita

I am not sure if the HDD is the problem in the vita it is an original ps vita first release. I had a problem where the PS vita would not shut off kept rebooting and stayed on till it died. several times I fresh started the vita and that did nothing. I would seriously say that the vitas HDD is in fact not working correctly at all how Do I get it repaired.

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Can somebody help me hack my PS Vita and put all the Nintendo and super Nintendo games on it ?

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@mayer is right, there is no HDD to upgrade.

My old Lumia 950 did the same thing when it managed to invert the polarity of the charging cable and blew a fuse. I ended up replacing the logic board with the charging port, but you should try to at least remove the battery from your Vita, wait a little bit and put it back together, then try to boot it up again.

If this does not help you, you will need to replace that small board.

You could use the link @mayer provided to see how to disassemble your system.

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There is no hard drive to upgrade in it. It's an integrated logic board. Here's what the inside looks like:

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