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Screen replacement - only back light no picture (Video link provided)


So I ordered an iPhone 5c screen from aliexpress, recieved it and replaced it with the help of youtube video. But now the problem is that there's only backlight but no picture.

though the touch works just fine. I know it because i can hear it when i type on password screen. (Video -

I tried reinstalling the display but same problem persists. Also note that I was extra careful while installing the display and I didn't place the long screw in the wrong screw hole, also I didn't bend the IC.

My take, I believe the display is bad.

Any guesses whats wrong?


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If the old screen had a picture, I would test to see if it gets a picture. If not, then hopefully you have a replacement to test before getting into testing voltages to pins on fpc. Using schematic, test for continuity from Connector to Filters and caps.

Block Image

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Thanks for your insight but I can't get it [/*before getting into testing voltages to pins on fpc. Using schematic, test for continuity from Connector to Filters and caps.*/]

Can you please put it in layman terms.

I would like to add that before replacement the last screen was shattered yet it displayed picture on some parts but while replacing it completely fell apart and my 2nd replacement is on way from China.

Thanks for reply though

- Por

I understand. there are contact points from the connector on the motherboard to particular components on the motherboard. I was referring to checking that there was continuity between the pins on the connector to the components on the motherboard. Sometimes, people take off the connector and lift or dislodge the little capacitors and/or filters surrounding the connector...but sounds as if you may not have the tools or knowledge on what to check. After attempting to try a new screen, let me know if it works or not. But until then, use a magnifying glass or something to inspect the components around the connector to see if they are all there. I reposted a picture around the connector to check in my original answer :)

- Por

I just can't look at the motherboard it's covered by a black sheet/tape and as far as I know, I was really careful while plugging and unplugging the pins. I believe that black sheet would have avoided any damage but still i don't know cause you're the man here.

What's your take on this? should i remove that black sheet to inspect?

- Por

If you already ordered replacement screen, I'd wait. That way if it works, you are done...but if not, then I could help you walk through checking other things :)

- Por

thanks a lot man

- Por

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