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iPhone 7 Plus slow/ unresponsive after failed screen replacement

Tried to replace the screen, damaged the upper ribbon cable for the camera, etc. Then decided to put my old screen back on and let someone else do it, but for the time being the phone is unresponsive and slow. I did a geekbench test and got normal scores, however. I was just wondering when the screen and the front camera ribbon cable is replaced that the phone will go back to normal? Or have I damaged something else?

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It should go back to normal as you have most likely damaged the wire for the digitiliser but you should keep the phone off for now untill you can get the screen replaced proparly

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I had this exact problem. I was troubleshooting for a couple of hours and found the proximity sensor was damaged while replacing the LCD. I just replaced that flex (earpiece camera and proximity sensor) and phone was working flawlessly). Tried disconnecting that flex cable and boot up the iPhone before replacing it.

Hope it works for you !!

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