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The HTC Wildfire S is a smartphone having a newer processor, Bluetooth 3.0 specification, and a screen with double the resolution.

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Market Error when open market

Dear All,

I have issue with my HTC Wildfire S market use, when i want to open market, it shows, "A server error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the previous screen."

How can I solve this issue?

I reset my phone on factory settings many times, but error still same. I can't install any app. Please sort it out this issue.

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3 Respuestas

Google has stopped supporting google play services on android lower than ice cream sandwich, unfotunatly you wont get app updates and market will stop working, only advice i have is to upgrade, i have several phones to repair and sell soon, if you need anything contact me

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You mean, my phone is over? I can't install or update anything?

- de

Unfotunatley not via play store, you could always sideload .apk files manually, or try a 3rd party market as a possible alternative

News of dropped support

- de

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My problem is the same

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Same problem

With my phone htc pg762

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