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Are there some ifixit articles about replacing the hard drive?

I need to try to replace a hard drive in an HP 22-3010 all in one PC. I can't find anything on it on ifixit, and so far can only find an abbreviated parts listing/description via the HP website, with a summary of the machine specs on a CNET review from a couple of years ago. This is my first attempt to work on an all in one form factor, so if it involves suction cups to remove the display, etc., like would be necessary for an iMac, I'll recommend my friend who owns the machine just take it to a PC repair shop. Anyway, for the HP all in ones I've found on ifixit, it looks like they disassemble from the rear via various screws - no display removal required. Is this correct? Any hints would be appreciated.

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Hello William, you are correct. The best way to gain access is by removing the rear cover. There are no specialty tools or suctipn cups required. Once the rear cover is off, remove the 1 or 2 screws holding the hard drive housing in place. There may he a few screws holding the drive in the housing as well. There is usually clasp or handle at the top fo the housing that neede 5o be properly positioned in order for the HD to be removed. Overall, its a fairly straightforward process. You should be able to compete the job with a Philips screwdriver and ESD protection.

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Much appreciated. Will post results when done.

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HP has pretty good support. I was able to locate a support article, and a walk through. I'm fairly certain they are pertinent to your model.

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Christopher Williams, wanted to thank you again for your advice on this. The fellow with the machine decided to take it to a PC repair shop, as he didn't have backups of his old drive, and I advised that a good shop would have backup hardware readily available, as well as Windows restoration DVD/USB device availability. He only had an outdated license code. I haven't done Windows since I retired ten years ago, so I advised him to come back to me when he just wants the old drive replaced and won't mind my putting Linux on the new drive. He's not quite ready to make that leap. I had recently replaced an ailing Windows 8 on his old laptop with Linux, and he's very happy with that. He really only needs basic office stuff like Word and Excel, which have sufficient mirroring with LibreOffice. Just shy about losing Windows altogether. Anyway, thanks for your help, as I don't doubt a similar situation will arise before long where I can put it to use.

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Glad I could help.

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