Freezing, restarting, white screen, but why?


My iPod Touch 16GB started to freeze on occasions, sometimes days apart, and now most it will work before a problem is a few minutes.

It'll either freeze completely and then won't come back on after a hard reset; go into sleep after not being touched for a few minutes, but refuse to wake up, just staying a black screen; suddenly revert to a white screen and as above, refuse to come to life again after a hard reset; or just suddenly restart and get stuck on the Apple logo.

I've got it in bits for fault-finding, and have made a cable from battery to logic board with connector in the middle to allow quick connect/disconnect with the battery, and that's the only way to get it back to life after a crash - disconnect battery for a few minutes or more. If battery's left connected, it may refuse to come to life for days. Battery is testing fine, incidentally.

I've seen this fault reported on many forums but with no solution other than people having got a warranty replacement (not an option for me).

I'm assuming at this stage that either the DDR memory is faulty (wish there was a diagnostic utility to test it) or there's a problem with the BGA balls and micro-cracks on either memory or processor ICs, much as the PS3 'ring of death' problem which is solved by reflowing.

Before I potentially kill it for good by attempting a hot-air reflow on the BGA ICs, has anyone confronted this kind of fault and won?

I should mention I've attacked all possible software issues and many different firmwares installed in DFU mode.

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HI Chappers, i've seen your post on another question regarding the 1611 error. try downloading ipsw from felixdebruin (google) say 4.1 (just because it's easier to JB if you haven't upgraded before you changed your ic) and then either right click and chose restore button in itunes with a windowspc or alt+restore for a mac, then select the new software download.hope it works, jen

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Hi Jen. The 1611 error refers to my iPhone 3GS, which I have posted about on here somewhere. The abovementioned iPod would crash when the PCB was slightly flexed, and is still in my box of things to work on when I get time, but I fear is not reparable. Thanks for your advice, but I'd already downloaded a few versions of the firmware from the felix website. The phone was already on 4.1 and I've tried that as well as others, but the firmware doesn't even begin to install because of the 1611 error.

The fact that the phone was working for a few hours after changing the PM IC, and then flickered and died when I pressed the power button to bring the screen back up, indicates to me that hardware failed at that point. I fear I may have overheated the PM IC or associated parts because I needed to use 400 degrees centigrade just to remove the old one, and used about the same when fitting the new one which was excessive since I was using leaded solder paste and hadn't realised the solder on the IC had long since melted and the IC self-aligned.

Incidentally, how does one force line breaks on these comment forms? The big block of text is hard to read.

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try writing one putting it as an update to a question, although in this case it's not related...

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is this still a problem? we've a very good ipod man on here who i'm sure could help....

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