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The Samsung NX1000 is a digital smart camera that was released April 2012

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Date and time keep resetting

I set my date and time accordingly in my camera and after some time, eg half a day - a day, I notice that it's reseted back to 2012.

This keeps happening ... Does anyone else have this problem ?

Does it have a small battery for the RTC ? Can this be changed easily ?

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Change the battery. Sounds like it is losing power and resetting to the default date.

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The battery is not fully depleted, I can take photos, it's just the date and time that is lost...

It also happens when I take the battery out to charge it, date time lost...

The camera must have a small battery or a capacitor to keep the internal clock running ...

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You answered your own question. "It also happens when I take the battery out to charge it, date time lost..."

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So you say that the camera is able to take photos, watch photos already taken, record videos, replay them, with flash or no flash, but ... "the battery is loosing power" hence cannot provide enough voltage for the clock ?

The above answer is proof you don't know how things work...

It must have an internal battery (or a capacitor), other the the main battery, This is why a camera is able to keep time while you charge your main battery.

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Samsung instruction booklet for my NX100 says : insert fully charged battery and wait at least 72 h for the internal battery to be charged.

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