The Stylo 2 (model number LS775), the second iteration of the Stylo series, is manufactured by LG and was originally released in April 2016.

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LG Retail Mode Removal

I’ve recently bought a LG Stylo 2, and I noticed that the retail mode app didn’t let me do certain things such as setting up lock screen passwords or turning off the phone In general. I did some digging and I couldn’t pin point the two passwords needed to disbale the app and reset the phone. I was wondering if anyone knew the passwords. Or a way around it. Thanks.

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helo i am a french shop asstistant on Darty Retail Store LG Phones

Lauche the LG DEMO APP with pin code 103729

for unistall app, pasword is L310MC570G


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Both passwords working like a charme.

But how I can remove the Retail mode?

I'm at the App Info, but the force stop or disable button ins light grey and not touchable....




I want to thank you, your codes helped me take off the retail demo off the phone I was given at work by my manager. Yay so happy. You are the best for sharing this info


Thank you so much for the codes.. worked like a charm!


sir i try both password its gone everywhere but how to uninstall Retail mode please help me sir



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I have LG Q6 with retail mode and the password is ten digits only numbers, who's help me?????

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