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Portable Bluetooth speaker released in June 2015. The speaker features ClearAudio+ Technology and LDAC Technology. Model Number: SRS-X55.

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My device keep turning on! Why?

Good afternoon!

My device keeps turning on (when disconected or conected to the power source).

When I turn it off, it turns on again automatically few seconds or minutes later.

I have seen some people with this problem, but I didn`t see any solution to it.

-> It keeps turning on even when it`s not conected to any bluetooth device;

-> It keeps turning on till the battery dies, so I never have a battery life when I need it;

-> I think that maybe it have to do with the power button, but I`m note sure.

Can anyone help me?

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I own the same model and initial months i faced the same issue. Later on the speaker occasionally just refused to charge or power on. Some googling and it seems its an issue with the touch panel. Not with the panel itself but the way it has been assembled with improper glue and tape placing. I haven't done it yet won't recommend it, but it you can pop open the touch panel and place it back after cleaning, it might just work. Search for "Sony SRS-X55 touch panel issues".

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