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internal storage full with sd card

the phone has problems with internal storage full , I have a sd card installed what do I need to transfer and how to transfer to sd card . please help me resolve this issue . Thank you

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Moving apps to the SD Card on Android is quite easy. Since there are many different versions of Android, whatever screenshots I post here may prove useless, but here a breakdown of what you will have to do:

Go to Settings, scroll down until you see a section called Apps. Tap it. Here you will see a list of all apps installed on your phone. Select the app(s) that you want to move (please note that not all apps can be moved around). You will see a screen with additional information about that app along with it's current location (whether it's on the internal storage or on the SD Card), underneath that should be a button called "Change" (apps that can't be moved around don't have this button). Tap that, select the SD Card from the pop-up menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

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