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How do you fix the iPhone 7 ghost touch issue after screen replacement

After replacing a screen for iPhone 7, I countered an issue that the screen has a ghost touch then I tried to check whether the connector is good, clean the connector and reconnect it, everything seem ok but the ghost touch issue is still exist.

Any suggestions? Plz help me, thank you.

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I have an Iphone 7 with similar issues. Everytime I would play a game, certain presses made other areas of the touch screen to be pushed! I tried everything, from switching screens , even thought about swirching digitzers. I finslly FIXED IT with the use of ELECTRICAL tape. I put electrical tape on both sides of the Iphone after Opening it , making sure that no metal parts were visible, and IT WORKED! the ghosting issues are Nonexstent. Its most likely that a loose screw fell under the motherboard causing an electrical shortage, .


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Hello Kaye,

Defective display assembly, flex cable or pin damage and improper seating can all be causes of ghost touching.

Temporarily hook your display to the logic board and power on your phone without seating the display within the housing; simply hold the display up above the phone while connected and see if you experience ghost touching. If not, then the cause is likely from improper seating - maybe a cable is being pinched or the metal backplate on the LCD is touching a component in the phone where it shouldn't. Even look for a loose screw that may be lodged somewhere in the phone. Also check to see if the EM shield that covers the proximity/front camera flex cable is in the correct orientation.

I have found when replacing the iPhone 7 display that the metal backplate doesn't always like to sit flush around where the cables. Reassemble the display into the phone making sure everything fits properly.

Hopefully your replacement part is good and there is no connector damage. Likely, something is misaligned and causing an electrical short that disrupts the digitizer.

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Have you tried this one? https://goo[.]gl/DMwFho


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After checking with Chinese phone repair shops, which has large volume of business and a lot of experience on the subject matter, these are what they found.

iPhone 7 screens are more sensitive to individual variances and screens made by different suppliers like LG,Toshiba, Sharp have different sensitivity, in the factory the phones are calibrated on the line so there is no problem. However depending on how you've swapped the screens, you may encounter ghost touch or insensitive screen.

On the backlight plate, assuming the screen is not a Chinese workshop remanufactured unit that Frankenstein parts together,

Toshiba screens have manufacturing code beginning with C11 or F7C,

LGs have DTP or C3F,

Sharps have DKH or C0N,

Crossing between Toshiba and Sharp gives you about 5% chances of bad touch, while crossing LG into or out of the equation has around 50% chances of ending you with bad touch because LG sensitivity range distribution is very different from Toshiba or Sharp. Without the official Apple calibration magic box, it is very likely to not work properly if your phone is built with LG screen but reinstalled a different one, or the other way around.

So that magic calibration box has its value after all, unlike Louis Rossmann said it is just there to !#^& 3rd party workshops off.

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the best answer ever tested 100% correct I do LCD refurbishing I did 4 different LCDS i.e. LG was the worst LCD despite it is original ! I wonder how did you get those code ? please share more info because when I read the QR code I get no results but I get the first 2-3 digits or numbers match with what have you posted here and I identify the BAND manufacturer please add more info as I have more codes that you did not add



this is GREAT info, thank you for sharing. I can confirm I have ghosting going from LG to Toshiba. not immediately but after using the unit for 5 minutes.


Does anyone know who makes "FVQ" displays? They're the most common that I've seen and commonly have issues when switching manufacturers


im wondering about FVQ displays as well if anyone has info about them, greatly be appreciated


100% true man. Your info greatly help me to reduce complaint from my customer. Basically every phone originally come with LG screen is a pain in the ass. Since most of original screen available around in my country is either Toshiba or Sharp.

The remedy (at least for now) for LG calibrated phone is to use "non original" screen instead. Weird i know, but it turns out that AA screen has lesser chance of touch problem when it comes to LG calibrated phone.


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This could be a few issues.

The main culprit might be cable damage, you may have accidentally pinched the cables when closing it up.

Or, it could be screen quality, if it's a copy screen, these can have issues, or might be a faulty screen, try get a replacement.

If a replacement doesn't fix it, then you'll need to look at possible logic board damage, connector may have been damaged, or something knocked off.

Definitely try a new screen though. :-)

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I think you should try the following.

I had a customer with the exact same issue and I placed a screenprotector on it and it stopped.

I don't know if this is for everyone, but I think it's worth the try. Just buy a cheap screenprotector and check if it solves the issue.

So again I can't confirm it works all the time, but if you're out of options, give it a try.

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