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How do I clean the inside of my screen?

I spilled an alcoholic cocktail on my iphone, and miraculously the phone still works (I did this 3 months ago), but it dried inside my phone, and now my screen appears mottled. If I disassemble my phone, can I just clean the back of the panel, or should I buy a new one? If I can clean the back of the panel, what would I clean it with?



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to clean, you want to use 100% alcohol. its called isopropyl alcohol... you get it in any good hardware store, radioshack? can someone point him at the right place? i am not familiar with shops in US...

just wet the cloth and wipe it off. let it dry, carefully assemble and let us know, if success...

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Yes, pretty much any isopropyl alcohol over 70% will work, available in most department stores as well as grocery stores and pharmacies. Good luck

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If you can't find a cheap isopropyl, a good 90 proof Vodka will fill the bill. and you can drink the left overs.

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Oh yeah, my kind of cleaning solution :)

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So you guys don't think it'll strip the back of the screen of any coatings?

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I have not stripped any coating. Just never apply it directly. Just like palokiller pointed out, wet the cloth and wipe down the screen. I don't think you will have to leave it on that long, just wipe it off.

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