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Modelo A1121: un sistema de altavoces para usar con cualquier reproductor de música digital iPod, desarrollado y fabricado por Apple. Lanzado por primera vez el 28 de febrero de 2006, el iPod Hi-Fi se vendió al por menor en Apple Store hasta su descontinuación el 5 de septiembre de 2007.

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New power supply for Hi-Fi?

I need a new power supply for Apple iPod Hi-Fi A1121—can I order here?

Please help how to order and where, thank you.

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@feizalwu it appears as if iFixit does not sell parts for this device. Since the people on this forum are volunteers and not directly connected to ifixit, you could ask the iFixit sales staff. Use this to contact them.

There are no schematics for the A1121 and replacement power supplies are very difficult to find (if at all).

The power supply is a liteon PA-3150-01A 30W DC output so there may be a way of trying to wire in a different power supply. Check your wiring and let us know what you find.

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Putting 12volts onto the 17v wire and 5volts on to the 5v wire and ground onto gnd all from a computer power supply makes it power on,

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Yes, it worked for me. Thank you.

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@robertwilly Hi, are you able to elaborate on what you did, or with pictures? I'm interested in trying to get mine to work again

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@Anton Williams

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@jonathanli52746 hello, sorry i Just read it now. Did you solve it? Need some help?

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I’ve just got mine working by sticking a 12v 4 amp printer/laptop power supply onto the battery terminals without taking it apart.

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