Where is the LSI on the Retina MacBook 12" 2015?

First of all, I am NOT asking this question in attempt to defraud or foul around with the Apple.

Recently I spilled my MacBook with water, and I turn it off quickly. However, after one whole day of drying, it is only able to boot into Single User Mode, with intermittent access to the hard drive (Sometimes the "fsck -fy" command works out, sometimes it doesn't). I tore down the MacBook and didn't see any visible water corrosion on the MacBook, I even doubt that the logical board was exposed to water anyway.

So I don't know whether or not the problem is caused by water on logical board, and I am trying to find the LSI to see if there was any water getting through from the keyboard. It would be awesome if you can provide some images to illustrate the position of LSI.

Block Image

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