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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Detach SSD in MacBook Pro 2017 13" without the touch bar?

Is it possible to detach the SSD in MacBook Pro 2017 13" (Kaby Lake) without the touch bar ?

Pictures or videos proving it would be appreciated.

I know it is possible for MacBook Pro 2016 13" without the touch bar.


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@kalbason - My answer here: Can the SSD be replaced? is about the function key model (without the touch bar) models. The 2017 model is the same as the 2016 model.

Simply put: Yes the SSD is removable, BUT! It is a custom drive and Apple is the only source!

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@danj, thanks for your answer!

Yes, I know that Apple is the only source for this SSD, but in future it still gives a possibility for user to easily replace the broken SSD with the new one, even if it is "used" from ebay.

Your answer in the mentioned topic ("I suspect they are still using it in the 2017 series") is just a suggestion... Yes, I suspect it is the same too, but it wold be great to prove that it is.

Unfortunately, IFIXIT still has no teardown for 2017 Kaby Lake model with function keys.

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I've found the video:

So, it is removable :)

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@kalbason - You questioned what I said ;-} I wouldn't mislead you if I wasn't sure!

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So where i can buy new SSD for this macbook ?

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Yes, it is, with the right tools - I actually broke mine down and took the 128 GB SSD out of my 2017 non-touch bar macbook pro several weeks ago. I've been tirelessly searching for a mount/adapter to read the old hard drive (water damage to the logic board got my old one), and thus far I have found nothing.

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I'm looking for the same (and for the same reason). Found anything?

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While I got an answer to this question, I isn’t anything positive. Apparently the SSD is a custom drive and apple is the only one that has the technology available to read it. In addition to that crappy news, the drives are encrypted by default, so if you did take it to a data retrieval company, you’re looking at $600 MINIMUM to read the data off the drive (if it’s even readable), and then subsequently pay even more to get through the encryption. I’ve talked to several experts and they seem to believe that something will be commercially available in a year or two, but for now unfortunately... just throw the drive in storage because it’s useless for the time being (unless you had another MacBook Pro with the same drive you could put it in - requiring you to competently take a new one apart and put it back together).

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Hey Hannah, did you get a new laptop and try to install the old SSD? We have a similar situation (a car drove over the laptop)

I have a new 13" on the way which I could drop the old drive in. However question is hard/soft encryption, will it be mountable??!?



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Andrew, were you able to solve your SSD issue? I'm having the same exact issue and was wondering if a new MacBook Pro 2017 would read the old SSD. I would sincerely appreciate any advice.

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You may have to be the guinea pig as I was too chicken to rip open the replacement Mac!

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Does anyone know of a caddy or adapter where I can put the old SSD and recover the data?

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