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Samsung galaxy J5 not turning on and not charging

Yesterday While i was using facebook my Phone (Samsung J5 (2015)) got switched off. I tried to turn it on and also it is not responding to the charger. I also tried to turn it on with Vol Down + Power + Home Buttons but it didn't work.

It would be great if somebody could help me out.

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What caused this problem? Did the phone fall down? Try check if the battery is in good health. It may just be the reason. Also check out this Dead phone Solution – How to Revive a dead phone article. It should help

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Yes battery in good heath, i think my phone is dead.

Please share the link again your link is not working.


Sorry for the link problem. Here it is again My Phone Is Dead – How To Revive A Dead Phone

Try another browser if you cannot access the link.


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