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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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JBL not turning on

My JBL Xtreme just randomly stopped working even though it wasn't damaged and it's fairly new (almost 2 months). The whole problem is that when i press the turn on button, it shows up a blue light instead of white and then flashes away. As long as i hold the power button, the blue light stays on. I can charge my phone with the speaker but i can't charge itself as the white battery lights don't show up. Please help!

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Putt it in the charger until some lights are turning on if this doesn't happen, then push the power button when it is in the charger. If the power button turns white contact me again.

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I had same problem plz help me

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My JNL Extreem 2 was purchased in March, it all of a sudden will not turn on. And will not charge

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I found out the hard way that some people like to give tips on how to reset, or get less base on JBL extreme speaker. Tips like press some buttons at the same time like the power button, the play button and some other button all together. I did follow these tips once and my speaker died. So my tip is never to follow these tips but try and get in contact with JBL service because they have a great service policy.

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