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Guías de reparación y soporte para la EOS 70D, una cámara réflex digital lanzada por Canon en 2013. Esta cámara se puede identificar con el número de modelo DS126411.

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Canon 70D no life, only blinks low battery on top LCD screen with dead

it stopped about 3 month ago

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I suppose the battery has been charged.

If so, connect the camera to the computer?

How is it? is the pc able to detect the camera?

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the Battery is Full and charged

and when i Put it into the Camera Won't Start

check the Video below

I think It Will be helpful to know the Problem how it is

- de

consider removing your lens and power up again

you can try this.. .

read the first one

Very gently clean the electrical contacts (highlighted in red) on the camera and the lens using a clean and dry cloth.

- de

try to remove your camera lens and power up again

- de

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mine did this, I thought I would be in for a costly repair, I realized it was because i stored it with a battery and then it drained in the camera, even my other fully charged batteries would’t turn it back on. i took out the battery, feeling bad, didnt use it for about two months… then on a whim, I put a fully charged battery in it and it started up. moral of the story, dont let the batt discharge in the camera because it would cause errors, but by letting the residual current in the camera fully discharge over the time I didnt use it maybe reset something and it works like new again. I dont store it with a battery in it, anymore, I always remove batteries from my cam when putting it away.

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My Canon 70D has suddenly started giving this trouble. Yes, I didn’t use it for a while (about a month or so) and it remained on the shelf with battery-in. Now, as I tried to use it, it suddenly blacks out at times when I select various options like reviewing the shot taken or changing the ISO setting etc. When it blacks out, it doesn’t respond to any function, only the battery symbol on top panel blinks showing discharged status (though actually it’s not fully discharged).

Now, I’ve taken the battery out and left it on the shelf to watch what happens few days later when I try to use it again with a fully recharged battery!

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