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Help please! I buyed a motherboard with five broken pins LGA775

I have buyed a Dell Optiplex 760 SFF. Owner said to me that motherboard is working but it has 5 broken pins ,so she couldnt work until fix. Can you please help me to find solution to fix this motherboard. Ill post you the picture which pins are broken.

N30 P30 R30 T30 U30

Please help me :)

And please dont tell me to trash my motherboard , im hoping that there is some fix :)

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1st where did you buy it from and did you pay via PayPal or credit card?

2nd are the pins broken off at the bent?

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I buy it from some reseller. I dont want reffund if thats what you want to tell me , i pay for it 7 euro. The pins are broken ,but no broken all, about every pin is a half broken. If you understand me, i dont speak English well

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I understand.

If the pins are half broken then it's a none working board.

You need an exchange or refund.

Unless you are a qualified technician you can't repair the pins yourself

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