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Repair guides and support for LED, LCD, HD and other Vizio TVs.

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Lights keep flickering after main board replacement

I have been experiencing some issues with my television. I am a heavy duty hybrid tech so for the most part I am able to test things and figure things out okay lol

For the last month or so my television would not like to turn back on once shut off. If I left it unplugged for a couple of days it would. Now it doesn't like to do that at all. I have tried the power down, and the reset, nothing seems to work.

So I opened up the television and started checking some voltages. The power supply is putting out close to 24 and 12v in some places. I did read on another forum that if the main board is receiving standby power, which it was then the board is bad.

I ordered a main board and before I installed it I tested it again. I then noticed that the main board had burnt around one of the chips. So I replaced it. Waited a half hour then plugged the TV in. As soon as I plugged it in the backlight leds would flash. But only half on the left side. And it would not boot up, or the led power indicator would not light up at all.

I checked voltages at the led board and noticed the left connector had 29 ish volts on pins 1-4. But the right connector had voltage on all of its pins. 10v up to 29v

I'm at a loss on this. Thanks for the assistance.

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With your set unplugged from AC source, remove the power supply board and check for bad solder connections on the back side of the board. Often there is an array of pins that plug into the LED driver board. I've made a lot of money and many happy customers performing that repair on Vizio tv's. If you can't see a nat's rear end from 50 yards away, I suggest using a magnifying glass to inspect the connections. If there are bad ones, you will see a circular crack around one or more of the pins. Re-solder and test and let us know what happens.

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1. Unplug the TV from electrical power. Leave it unplugged for about ten minutes.

2. After that time, and while stilled unplugged, press and hold the TV’s main Power On/Off button for about 5 to 10 seconds. Release it.

3. Press and hold each of the remaining buttons on the TV, one at a time, for about five seconds, and then release. DO NOT use the buttons on the remote control - only use the buttons on the TV itself.

4. Press and hold all the buttons on the TV simultaneously (together) for about five seconds, and then release.

5. Plug the TV back in. Power it up normally.

6. The TV should start automatically scanning for active channels from your input signal source. Make sure you have a good signal (antenna or cable or satellite).

If the TV still does not display anything, try the menu button on the TV and see if you can access the menu. If not, try using the remote control’s menu button.

If the TV is still locked and will not respond to any commands from the front panel control buttons or the remote control unit, it is apparently locked in a failure or diagnostic mode, and would probably have to be diagnosed and repaired by a reputable TV repair facility.

Most of the time, shutting down at 5 or 10 minutes, is Power Board Failure

But I suggest you can check by technician he better knows rather than online solutions

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