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Anunciado en Marzo de 2015, y lanzado al mercado el 10 de Abril de 2015, el Galaxy S6 es el nuevo buque insignia en la linea Galaxy. La version curva de su pantalla es conocida como Galaxy S6 Edge.

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it says no sim or sim error

I have the same problem. When placing a call it says no sim or sim error but data works, help please.

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Check and let us know IMEI availability of the device by *#06#. no need to put IMEI number here. just answer yes or no

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yes. IMEI is available .

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no, there is NIL imei please tell me method to solve it

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I also have the same problem it said insert sim card and can't access the network setting as well but I already insert it the sim works in another phone the same model samsung s6 I took it to maintenance shop they said there is no technical failer to it it ok but they can't fix it as they don't understand the problem by the way it works another country sim card

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i was using sim card in s6 and then i rest factory data after this in start it show sim card crash but i can use this sin another mobile and any other sim also not working in s6 its show no sim card

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The problem usually has to do with the copper connectors on the sim card getting dirty. To fix it just follow the steps.

  • 1 Pop out the sim card by putting a small paperclip or pin into the tiny hole on the side of your Phone. Push hard so it pops out.
  • 2 Take the card out of the little tray. Remember how it looks when it was in so you can put back correctly.
  • 3 Put some rubbing alcohol on the end of a Q-Tip.
  • 4 Rub the copper side of the sim card thoroughly. Wait a minute to let it dry.
  • 5 Stick the card back in the slot.
  • 6 Problem should be solved.

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Cleaning the SIM didn't work for me. I also blew out dust and tried removing and reinstalling the SIM a dozen times. I'm in Canada and I just happened to have an AT&T SIM that I use in the USA. Trying that SIM didn't work either.

Even thought I throught my phone could not be fixed. I took it to a Bell Mobility store where I live in Canada and they wanted to try a new SIM. They said mine looked worn.

The new SIM WORKED!!!

Maybe the AT&T SIM will also work, but only in the US.

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