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iPhone de 4 pulgadas lanzado en marzo de 2016 con especificaciones de hardware similares al 6s. Disponible en Plata, Gris espacial, Oro u Oro rosa con opciones de almacenamiento de 16/64 GB. Modelos A1662 y A1723.

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No image on any screen after correctly replacing 5 SE LCD


Today I replaced a customer's LCD on their iPhone SE. After disconnecting the battery, the phone may have been on when the battery was disconnected, then removing the LCD (note, the LCD was not removed while the battery was connected), I have been unable to get any image whatsoever on the screen.

I've tested 5 total screens, original good LCD included, all of which display nothing after the phone was disassembled. The phone has been restored in DFU mode to no avail.

This does not seem to be a backlight issue as absolutely nothing is visible on the screen under any circumstance. Shining my iPhone 7+ flashlight at the screen from all angles results in nothing more than a black plane. I've tested every possible thing I can think of and am left with a brick of a customer's device.. Any clues on how I could proceed?

Thank you,


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Did it work before the replacement?

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It worked perfectly before the replacement.

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You've tried a new battery? And a new Lightning dock? And when I say new I mean known good? If that doesn't take, I would shoot for the u2ic. Also, are you sure these parts are for SE? Cause if they're for 5S, it's not gonna have the same effect

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This has happened to me before and all I had to do was disconnect the battery and hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Then reassemble. Hope it works for you too!

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Sadly, this was tried before and after your comment to no avail. :(

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