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This Firestrike Elite Blaster was released in 2013. In addition to its plunger activated firing setup, it features laser guided aim. The blaster originally came in blue, white, gray, and orange but a second color scheme features orange, white, and gray.

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Back screw will not budge

So I'm attempting to mod my first ever Nerf Gun. I decided to go with something relatively cheap; the Firestrike Elite.

However, before even getting to the inside of the gun, I've encountered a problem. The screw located under the top rails to the back will not move. I've successfully taken out all other screws, but this one will not budge. My screwdriver simply glances over the bumps of the screw, and I can never get a good hold on it. I managed to move it about a quarter rotation once, but that's it.

Can someone please give me some tips?

Thank you,


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@dkinger, JR, Hopefully the screw head is not stripped. Try heating up the area with a heat gun/hair dryer right where the screw is threaded in, get it hot to the touch then try removing the screw. This should expand the area of the screw a little to allow for removal hopefully. The only other thing may to use a drill and small metal bit(a wee bit larger then O.D. of threaded portion of screw) and drill the head off screw and then disassemble and use small vise grips/pliers to turn out remaining screw shaft. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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