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Un teléfono inteligente Android de Samsung para el mercado asiático, conocido por muchos números de modelo, lanzado en diciembre de 2014.

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forgot password when ultra data is enabled

I enabled ultra power saving on my phone and forgot my password. How can i now unlock my phone without loosing data. please help me !

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same problem n this definitely seems to be a glitch

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I have posted the resolution on this forum. :)

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I had that before, it easy to solve, dont worry! You will not lose data with this trick. This works only for Samsung.

First go to

Then, press sign in. Log into your Samsung Account. Then, you see your Samsung device. It should look something like this:

Then press find. It will find the location of the phone, but that is not what matters. Press the little arrow on the bottom of the screen.

Scroll and press more. Click on Unlock my Device. Enter your Samsung Account password. Then it will delete your password, pin, or pattern of your phone. Then you will be able to swipe and unlock your phone. Please reply if this helped!

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