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Small LG bar phone released in August 2008. Dimensions: 101mm x 46mm x 12.9 mm. Comes in four different colors (white, black, blue, red).

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Wer can my phone be fixed wer the charger goes in is broke inside

My phone wer the charger goes in broken

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Unfortunately, parts for your phone would be difficult and relatively expensive to find. If you're set on fixing the phone you have, I'd suggest taking it to a repair shop that offers microsoldering services. It looks to be a pretty straightforward soldering job to replace the micro USB port.

The problem is that finding the right part and installing it will likely cost you more than the cost to replace the phone. Ebay has a couple of listings for that phone in the $30-$45 range, which is probably less than what a shop will charge you for the labor, let alone the parts.

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