High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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Anyone got back light schematics?

Looking for schematics for ipad pro 12.9 back light or anyone know where the LCD back light filters are located

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As far as I know, there are no iPad Pro schematics available yet. I would assume that the backlight circuit will be similar to the iPad Air 2 although they are probably beefed up given the increased size of the Pro screen.

Full Disclosure: I haven't worked on a Pro 12.9 yet.

Perhaps someone who has worked on one will have more details.

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@danb89 here is the only thing I have thus far. Hopefully more to come in the near future.

Block Image

Block Image

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Nice find, I'll have to bookmark this.


has some1 find a more detailed iPad Pro 12 schematics?

i need to buy some replacements for the coil and the data filters, but without specs is not possible :(



None available at this date and time. Your best bet is to look for the similar circuit in an iPad Air 2 and spec up if you think it's necessary (i.e. a pro 12.9" backlight circuit will probably need higher rating filters).


the capacitor next to the touch filter. You sure its def 2.0nf and not 2.0uf?


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