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Spotty Wifi after replacing Airport Bluetooth cable

I finally got around to replacing the cable and I still had spotty wifi. The weird thing was that the calendar, date and time on the computer was backdated to 2014. It wouldn't allow me to change it but somehow, something finally clicked after shutting the computer down twice and trying again. Then the date self-corrected.

After that, I was able to get WiFi without any problem EXCEPT in the one area in my house where I needed it: (my office; go figure). But everywhere else, it worked seamlessly. The only thing I can figure is that something is blocking the WiFi for that computer in my office; As stated before all other products ( IMac, MackBook Pro 2009 (on which I am typing), MacMini, IPads and all smartphones) work fine with the WiFi. So, I think/hope thisMacBook Pro 2012 is fixed but I am stymied by the glitch in my office.

Any of you tech- experts care to weigh in on why I can't get Wifi in my office when all other products listed above work fine?

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You are likely accessing the 5 GHz band of your Router's WiFi AP, while your other devices are accessing the 2.4 GHz band.

5 GHz doesn't travel as far or through walls very well unlike 2.4 GHz. Heres's a bit more: List of WLAN channels

The best thing here is to see what your signal strength is. As it turns out your WiFi adapter in your system has an advance function if you hold the Option key and then clicking on the WiFi menu Icon. Here you can get some useful info but its not easy to visualize whats going on. A better approach is to get a good program that puts the info into a visual format. Here's what I use: WiFi Explorer. With it running on your system walk around your home to locate what is the best location to move your Router unit and/or alter your MacBook Pro's settings to use the 2,4 GHz band.

The last option is to get a second AP unit (Extender or Mesh unit).

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Thank you, Dan! This was very helpful.

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