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El portátil Toshiba Chromebook 2 se lanzó en 2014 y el número de modelo es CB35-B3340. Este Toshiba Chromebook es plateado con una pantalla de alta resolución de 13.3".

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Why does my screen on my turn pink and have ghosting intermittently?

My chromebook has started to have an intermittent problem where the screen turns pink for a few seconds or sometimes upto a minute. When it does this there are often frame freezes and ghosting . Moving the screen hinge seems to have no effect. Its out of warranty so how can I get it fixed?

Series: TOSHIBA CB30-B-104

Model : PLM02E-00K003EN

Purchased : 2015 - 03 - 25

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Same Thing Here On A MacOS! Please, Someone, Help!!

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I have the same problem on my acer chromebook model CB3-532

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Defective CCFL backlight may have the following symptoms: Screen flashes on red/pink and goes off. Picture stays on in red and slowly be come normal. Picture flickering with dim display. Picture flickering on and off. All these symptoms indicate that the LCD backlight lamp (CCFL Lamp) has reached the end of its life.

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The screen has never gone dark or stopped working. When it comes back to normal it is usually instant. I hope it is a cable but moving the hinge doesn't seem to fix or recreate the problem. Since it is a Chromebook if it is the graphics chip I guess I will have to change the motherboard. I am not sure how to test it to be sure what the problem actually is.

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Hi Randall,

It sounds like your Graphic chip on the laptop is busy dying, I might be wrong but lets test it, download PassMark BurnInTest

Install BurnInTest and launch the application the menu will pop up with an evaluation screen just click continue. Look for a tab at the top that says Configuration, and select "Test Selection and duty cycles".

Uncheck Optical Drivers, Printer, GPGPU, Disks, Sound and Network.

Make the CPU, RAM, Video, 2D and 3D Graphics all 100, press OK and then press the green triangle a lot of windows's will pop up don't worry about that, the tests have begun. It will run for a few minutes then a screen will pop up either flashing Green with PASSED or Red with FAILED.

Let me know of the outcome.


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Can I install that app on a Chromebook?

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It is supposed to, because Chrome OS was developed under the linux family and burn in test is linux compatible

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Windows applications are not compatible and will not run on Chrome OS platform.

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There is a linux version for it; that is supported by any linux kernel especially Chrome OS :)

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It says I don't have an extractor to extract and expand the .exe file. What Should I Do?

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