Sony Xperia Z5 features with 5.2 inches 1080 x 1920 pixels display and is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor alongside 3GB RAM and 23 MP rear camera.

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Does anybody know how to reseal back cover?

I want to change the back cover of the phone because the lens is all tainted and it looks all blurry. Apparently cannot be fixed. I haven't changed it because I don't wanna lose the waterproof feature, but I really miss taking photos with the camera. Does anybody know how to reseal it or even if it's resealable?

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People should never rely on water resistant / water proofness of a phone. They should only have it in mind for accidental drop in water and etc:


And for dust / liquid resistant seal you will need to seal it very well with original adhesive or else get Sony to replace the back cover for you.

I've changed a Z5 back cover before so it's replaceable. Just make sure you transfer the NFC tag sticker behind it to the same place on the new glass or you won't have NFC working.


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Now that it has been opened, I'm not sure you will ever regain 100% waterproof-ness on the phone.

However, they do have laser-cut adhesive that hold like the original.

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This Sony Xperia Z5 Dual Back Camera Repair Guide can help you disassemble the back cover. we also provide the back cover adhesive to help you replace.

However, once the phone is disassembled, it will lose its waterproof even if it is reinstalled with a new back cover and adhesive.

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