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Repair information, service help, and troubleshooting/diagnostics guides for Bosch refrigerators.

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Removing the freezer door control panel

Bosch B22CS30SNS 01) refrigerator

The LED light and the on/off button aren't working in my Bosch refrigerator and I need to replace the Dispenser ice door support, part # 00654154. The part includes the LED light ring and is being ordered. What is the best way to remove the freezer control panel?

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Karen Stewart this is simple but first make sure the "child lock " isn't selected. If selected on/off won't work. The symbol is a locked or unlocked padlock.

Unplug unit. The display trim will have tabs to depress to gain access to the control and dispenser parts. You'll have to feel for the slots, then gently push in with flat head in all slots to release tabs n remove. Be careful not to damage the door with scratches or break the plastic trim. I sometimes place a towel between the door and my screwdriver. Once off, you'll have the access you need. Good luck!

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How do you get to the LED light ring when control panel is removed…I can’t figure how to remove LED light ring

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sissyrme same make and model? To get the LED ring off the shelf support?

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@oldturkey03 Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you and your family have stayed healthy.

I saw this question and “light ring” caught my attention. What could this be referring too? The dispenser LED light maybe? Idk

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@ladytech and the same to you my friend. Good to see you back :-)

I wondered about that too. It looks like the bracket (part # 00654154)has some LED's in it. Seem to be tightened via some Philips screws but we would definitely have to see it.

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I have a Bosch B22CS80NS, with a dead dispenser light ring. I could not figure out how to remove the light ring.

The control panel does not "simply come out" when you release a couple of clips. It's held in by multiple plastic ramps all around, and it was quite a battle to get it out. The plastic, 15 years old, busted in a couple of places, but I did manage to get it to to snap back in again. I should have snapped a few pics but I'm scared to take it out again!

Anyway, the light ring at the bottom of the dispenser opening (mine has failed due to water intrusion) seems not to be simple to remove. I did not see any obviously accessible screws, and it's pretty tight inside that compartment, so it stays broken, since I don't trust the plastic not to break as I poke at it...also lots of deposits from minerals in my water may be holding it glued in place.

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