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El Nexus 6 es un teléfono Android desarrollado por Google y Motorola lanzado en 2014 con una pantalla de 6 pulgadas.

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Nexus 6 only turns on when the charger is plugged in

My nexus device only turns on when is connected to the charger, it shuts off whenever not plugged in.

Some weeks ago i noticed my nexus was randomnly shutting down at 15-21% battery then it got worse now at 55-60% of battery, one week later it came at the point that at 90% of battery shut down and have to charge it again and finally now it shuts off whenever not plugged in. I read in many forums about similar problems and tried a few "solutions" like Entering in bootloader then bootloader logs pressing 10 seconds the power button after this process this should reset the battery statistics and boot the phone but it didn't work, Factory reset, calibrating the battery and others but no one of this worked. What could be the problem?

Also in the bootloader it shows a message that indicates the state of the battery is OK

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If it only stays powered on when connected to a charger then the battery is failing and should be replaced. I know you say software tells you your battery is ok but that is not always accurate. If you have a device with a failing battery they can start doing odd things. So how can you trust the software is correct when your phones shuts off at random charge levels. This to me points even more to a failing battery. Especially after the steps you've taken​ to try and diagnose a software battery calibration issue. So I do recommend replacing the battery.

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Thank you! i will try it and see what happen, one of the things because i've been doubting about the battery or not it's because i read some articles of similar devices like tablets with that problem and it turned out in problems with components in the motherboard.

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While it could be a more serious issue than a battery I do still suggest replacing the battery first which it sounds like you are going to try. First off, it does sound more like a battery issue than a motherboard issue but there could be an issue with some components on the motherboard but that is not as likely unless your phones had damage such as a hard drop, water damage, poor quality or incorrect charger used. It is a lot cheaper to start troubleshooting by replacing the battery than repairing or replacing the motherboard. I do think replacing the battery should fix your issue, as it does in most similar situations. It would be great if you could reply back after replacing the battery to let others know if this fixed your problem. If for some reason it doesn't we can troubleshoot further. Also if you would also like more information on lithium ion batteries and how to care for them to prolong their lifespan just let me know.

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Hi... i have exactly the same problem ...I Really want to know that did replacing the battery fixed your problem or not ?

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sorena i replaced the battery and it fixed the problem you should try it

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thanks a bunch....yes i should try it ... hope to fix this problem

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